How it all begun.......


'If  there are people in my park, I should want that they forgotten the reality in which they lived for one moment. I should want that they thought they were in a different world. A fairytale world, in which  nobody run up and everybody can be happy. Where the ages disappears and man child is with the children'. (Disney Dreams, by J.Bromet, Elegance 1977).

Above-mentioned is a pronunciation of Walt Disney done at the opening of Disneyland in California. Walt Disney, the creator of Mickey Mouse and the man behind the present four Disney Theme parks, a person who also wide 30 years after his death still is a conception all over the world.

The ideas for the Disney-Parks proceeded in the time that Walt Disney together with his two little daughters regular visited fun-parks in the neighborhood. Sitting on a bank, looking to his playing daughters, he remembered, that he  could made a better park, than the parks who there were at that time.

Walt Disney had a clear picture of how he should made the parks. They should assessable  for everyone, clean, safety and valid. It must were family-parks, where everybody in each ages, can enjoy them. An other important demand was that they split up in a couple of countries. This countries must have different own themes with them.

His big wish to realize a real fairytale world were in 1955 reality. For a little two hundred million guilders were changed a great piece of country in California into a gold mine, the Magic Kingdom opened his doors. After the death of Walt Disney in 1966, the Walt Disney Company does usually his works and still opened three Theme parks

In 1971 opened Disney World in Florida his doors, a Theme park, that truly is a Kingdom. In 1983 the borders were displaced. In Tokyo (Japan) was opened the first foreign park: Tokyo Disneyland. This park was a big success. This foreign success was the inspiration to a really Disney-Park in Europe. In 1992 opened the formally Euro Disney his doors.

The Magic Kingdom what we find with four locations, seems in design to each other. Round about there is a railway, whereof the station is right before the the entrance. If man entered the present Disneyland Park in Paris, man arrived in the Main Street U.S.A. Main Street is an imitation of a little town from the mid-west of America at the beginning of this century. Main Street guided the visitors to the castle of Sleeping Beauty, that as a visual decoying is placed in the middle of the park. Walt ones had said: 'You must care that there of the end of the street stays something nice'.  Also cares the castle for recognizing and as a orientation point.

Round about the castle are the four countries: Adventure land, Frontier land, Fantasyland and Discovery land. This countries were build in their own sphere. This sphere came back in all details, even in the Disney-Characters. The Disneyland Park in Disneyland Resort Paris is growing in a short time to a big Theme park of 30 attractions with the opening at April 12, 1992 till more than 40 attractions, shows and parades in 2002.

Facts and numbers

Disneyland Resort Paris is build on a ground of 1.943 hectare in the middle of Europe with 2 attraction parks. Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park, 7 Disney Hotels, two congress centers with 24.000 m2, the Disney Village and a 27-hole golf court.

Disneyland Park

  • 57 hectare under distributed in five countries: Main Street U.S.A., Frontier land, Adventure land, Fantasy land and Discovery land.
  • 50 attractions, shows and parades whereof 80% inside.

Walt Disney Studios Park

  • The 33 meter high water tower by the entrance of the Walt Disney Studios Park, is inspirited on the water tower, who is since 1939 the view of the Disney Studios in Burbank California. Original the water towers attended to extinguish by fire on the grounds of the film studios.
  • As Disney Studios 1 was a real film set, than it would be the biggest of whole Europe.
  • For the flood in Catastrophe Canyon, they used 265.00 liter water. That's enough for one person, using water five years long.

Disney Hotels

  • 7 theme hotels with 5800 rooms total


  • 42 stores distribute about the theme parks and Disney Village.

Shows and parades

  • There worked more than 1.000 artists in Disneyland Resort Paris (700 actors and dancers, 50 musicians, 150 designers, drawers and decor builders, 100 technicians, 30 needle-women)
  • Every day programmed 14 hours of live shows.


  • More than 100 million visitors since the opening.
  • 12.2 million visitors in 2002, where of 16% from the Benelux.

Cast members

  • Average 10.500 staff.
  • 800 different occupations.
  • 50 different nationality.
  • A average age of 32.

This number speaks for themselves

  • 450.00 trees and bushes were planted.
  • Yearly were consummated on the ground 700 ton chicken, 4400 ton fruit and vegetables and 20 million breads and cakes.
  • More than 1 million lights are working in the cars of the Main Street Electrical Parade.

> Walt Disney Studios Park

The new theme park (open March 16, 2002) named Walt Disney Studios Park and is placed nearby the Disneyland Park. This park is in the sigh of Film, Television, Entertainment and Animation. The visitors learn here everything about the making of films and participate in action. The Walt Disney Studios Park exist in four product zones.

Frontlot: At the entrance there is be a big square with a marvelous fountain and palm trees. Here is the Guest Service and a big Disney Boutique of which the architecture is inspire by film sets. From this square you can see Disney Studio 1, where you wander on Sunset Boulevard and perhaps you became Marilyn Monroe.

Animation Courtyard: guests came inside a world of animation, where they discover the secrets of this special techno local art. In this part of the Park there are a kind of unique attractions such as Art of Disney Animation. Here became the favorite Disney-characters at live and may be you can see a new Disney film. Flying Carpets over Agrabah is the film set of Genie (the genius from the film Aladdin). Everybody can make a ride on his flying carpet and before you know, you be a part of his new film. A absolute recommendation is Animagique, a black-light show based on the best moments of the Disney Classics. 

Production Courtyard: take a look behind the screens by perhaps the newest at all cinema-cracker. Or became a looker-on in the live broadcast of Disney Channel. Take a backstage-tour where you can find the secrets of the film in the Studio Tram Tour and came after that in Catastrophe Canyon where you be in the hart of a spectacular photo shoot. Cinémagique is one of the unique experience, who is at the same time a homage to all the great film names from the history.

Backlot: here became the most spectacular stunts, special effects and music at live. Prepare you for the ultimate ride in Rock 'n Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith.  As soon as the music start, goes the speed from 0 to 100 km/ hour in less than three seconds, you make loopings, fly through hairpin curves and you turn 360 degrees!! Armageddon: Special Effects  is only special effects. Find out how film producers destroyed hole cities with you as a witness. An other top-attraction is the Stunt Show Spectacular.  Guest are witness of a persecuting of a car in a peaceful town at the Mediterranean See. Motors passed very hard, bombs exploded, it's the question, if the heroes can escaped.


Location choice Europe: at the threshold of Paris

The choice for a location at Paris is made because the necessary ground was there available and from the good lying in the middle of Europe. Disneyland Resort Paris is 32 km east of Paris and the ground is 1943 hectare, it's about 1/5 part of Paris.

How ever the Disneyland Park is the same as the Disney-Parks in America and Tokyo, was there looking for a more European Character. So are there many European legends and fairytales in the attractions and is the Theme park official bilingual (French and English),

Paris and all her wonders lay not so far away from the world of magic and adventure. With the express metro RER the visitors could be make  the distance between Disneyland Resort Paris and the middle of Paris in half an hour.

With the car you drive also half an hour between Disneyland Resort Paris and the middle of Paris. This makes it possible for a short visit of Paris. For people who's stays in Paris, is a visit to both or one of the Disney Theme Parks a great target for a day excursion out of the city.

The arrival of one of the airports 'Charles de Gaulle' or 'Orly' round Paris, you can used the VEA-shuttlebus. This special buses drive between the airport and the Disney-Hotels and depart every 30-45 minutes.

The Disney Theme Parks

The total surface of the Disneyland Park is 56 hectare. The Theme Park is split up in five 'countries', each with attractions, amusement, restaurants and shops round a definite theme. The five countries are Main Street U.S.A., Frontierland, Adventureland, Fantasyland and Discoveryland, shows and parades.

A little enumeration of the most popular attractions: Space Mountain, from the earth to the moon, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril, backwards!! and Phantom Manor.

Theme Restaurants, are there for everybody on taste and budget, all over the park. From exclusive service at the table till self-service of diners till a Mickey Mouse pizza. The food is also part of the pleasure.

The Disney Hotels

Nearby the Disney Theme Parks are 7 theme hotels, where you can relaxed. All seven hotel are decorated with an other design. The most hotels are very good for relaxation and sport, 2 - 4 stars, able for each budget, with qualifying service, restaurants and shops round an other theme.

Situated at the entrance of the Disneyland Park, a luxurious hotel that is thinking of a Victorians palace: The Disneyland Hotel.



The hotel has 478 rooms and 18 suites- Category 'Luxe'

The 'Castle-Club' is an apart floor with exclusive rooms and services, with their own entrance, personal check-in, a separate breakfast-room, refreshments and papers at the room.


Inside swimming Poole, fitness club with sauna and massage, foyer with view over the Disneyland Park, Café Fantasia, California Grill ( a gastronomic restaurant), Inventions (a buffet-restaurant), meeting-rooms, American Express travel agency, room-service and play-automats hall.


With her special architecture and service of quality is Disney's Hotel New York the destination of the critical guest, who is traveling here for business of pleasure.


532 rooms and 31 suites- Category 'First Class' 


In- and outside swimming Poole, fitness club with sauna, two outside, tennis courts (in the evening lighted), ice-skating (from October till April), two bars, Manhattan Restaurant, Park Side Diner, shop, hairdresser, room-service and play-automats hall


In the rich tradition of a luxury bath-place in New England is the Disney's Newport Bay Club, with their colorful lighthouse in decor over the south coast of Lake Disney.


1077 rooms and 15 suites- Category 'Comfort'.


In- and outside swimming Poole, fitness club with sauna, bar with beautiful view over the Lake Disney, two restaurants (Yacht Club and Cape God), meeting accommodation, shops, play-arcade.

Newport Bay Club Convention Center.

5000 m2 conference space, verge on Disney's Newport Bay Club Hotel, Grand Ballroom of 1800 m2,Audiovisule means, translate-service, business center and amusement available for groups.


A Rocky Mountain holiday-place with pavilions of wood and stone in a woody landscape: Disney's Sequoia Lodge.


997 rooms and 14 suites- Category 'Comfort'


In- and outside swimming Poole, fitness club, a bar (Redwood Bar & Lounge), two restaurants (Hunter's Grill and Beaver Creek Tavern), shops and a play-automats hall.


With her colorful houses and wooden footways brings Disney's Hotel Cheyenne you in a sphere of Hollywood Western.


1000 rooms -Category 'Economy"


Children-playground in cowboy- and Indian style, pony-rides for children, a saloon, a restaurant (Chuckwagon Café) and a play-automats hall.


From the drive-in cinema screen by the entrance till the sand color 'pueblos', the spirit of the American South-West, is everywhere in the Disney's Hotel Santa Fé.


1000 rooms - Category 'Economy'


Children playground, a bar, a restaurant (La Cantina), a shop and play-automats hall.

A holiday-place in the wilderness. Middle in 57 hectare forest is Disney's Davy Crockett Ranch, complete with picturesque pioneers-village, many recreation possibilities and full decorated wooden cabins, which can accommodated groups from 4-6 persons.


498 wooden cabins design for maximum 6 persons, with bedroom, kitchen (with microwave and even a dishwasher), living- and bathroom with bath. Each cabin has their own barbecue, 97 camping-places for caravans and tents, with entrance to the toilet- and shower facilities, call-boxes, washing-machines and -dryers.


Inside tropical swimming Poole with slides, inside tennis-court, children farm, pony- and horse rides for the children (against paying), billiards, volleyball, basketball, to rent a bicycle, grocery store, a bar, a restaurant with dinners and amusement in style.

Disney Village

A world full amusement, day and night. Disney Village is between the Theme Parks and the Disney Hotels and dispose of 8 stores, 9 restaurants, 6 bars and all kind of entertainment, such as the famous dinner show Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. Guest could be bring in the day time a visit to the special stores, such as the Disney Store and Disney Gallery or joy genius of the courses in restaurants, such as Rainforest Café, Planet Hollywood or the Steakhouse. In the nightclub Hurricanes they danced to deep in the night.

Golf Disneyland Resort Paris

The golf-court of Disneyland Resort Paris is a few minutes drive to the theme parks. It is a excellent 27-hole golf-court design by Ronald Fream. The golf-court is open the whole year, seven days a week. The golf-court is attractive for all play levels, for the amateur to the professional. All necessaries can be rent on the place.



Val d'Europe

Val d'Europe Shopping Village is a complete new international shopping center, 10 minutes distance of Disneyland Resort Paris with free parking places.Here are located the outlet stores in La Vallée Shopping Village, trough the whole year, are famous, design marks to reduced prices ( as it goes to articles from the last season).


Disneyland Resort Paris, Postbus 349, 1170 AH Badhoevedorp