The sixteenth Time  

Seven o'clock in the morning we leaved out Leerdam, after we picked up Mauro at home. He was already at the front door with his luggage. It was still dark. Mauro had his game boy for on the way.

We would like to be in Paris about twelve o'clock in the afternoon. There were many traffic on our way and we had also two files in Belgium. But we were at 12 o'clock by the hotel. We had make reservations in the New Port Bay Hotel.

The car let we stay at the parking place. The luggage stayed also in the car, because we can used our room at 3 o'clock. We want taste the Carnivals Ambience. Our entrance cards must we pick up at the Donald Desk, right next to the main-entrance of the park.

We could at once with the Horse-Drawn Streetcars till the castle. Mauro want at first in Dumbo the Flying Elephant. It was proper cold, but so far no complains. After this we take Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The waiting times were very short. Mauro found the Wicked Queen very creepy. On our way to the next attraction, that was "It's a Small World". This stays always a very nice one. Mauro want one more time again. We hold the fast pass for Peter Pan, we could used them at 16.50-17.20 o'clock. Now was the turn for Mad Hatter's Tea Cups. Mauro turned and we gone very hard, helped by his grandfather. We drunk something in Casey's Corner inside, to became a little bite warm. Again outside, we wait for the "Main street Carnival". Here walked and danced Minnie Mouse, Chip and Dale, Baloo and others on the Latino-style Parade. After this we could wait for 'the Wonderful World of Disney Parade". 

After Peter Pan was it time for eating somewhere. Mauro want a Mickey Pizza. We went to Pizzeria Bella Notte. It was 6 o'clock in the evening. And we went back to the hotel for checking in. We get a room at the third floor with balcony. At 19.00 hour we going downstairs for the swimming Poole. Mauro amused himself very much and jumped in the water again and again (in Holland named we this bommetje). Back in the room he looked to the film a bug's live, which was on the Disney Channel, and then to bed. 

The second day

After breakfast in the hotel we went with the buss to Disney Village, and so to the Park. It was today still colder than yesterday, but with cap and gloves on, we went on our way. Today we took the fast pass for Star Wars, grandpa draw up this pass, while grandma and Mauro waited by Winnie the Pooh for a photo and signed his booklet. We meet also Mickey.


Star Wars found Mauro terrific. After this to "Honey, I shrunk the Audience", that found Mauro less amusing. The snake comes to close to Mauro. Again time to eat something, now we go to Cafe Hyperion in Video polis. At viewing cartoons and eating French frites, chicken nuggets and drinking coke, what more do you want.

In the meantime it was 1 o'clock in the afternoon and we went to the "Tea Cups" and "the Pirates of the Caribbean", this attraction we had seen it twice. Mauro played on the pirate ship of Captain Hook and we jumped at the bridges. Then it was time for "Teatime with the Characters". We must go to the Walt's-an American Restaurant at 15.00 till 16.30 hour.

It was very warm inside the restaurant and we had take just a drink, when the "Sheriff" came to our table. The sheriff signed Mauro's booklet and gives it not back. He want first money. Grandpa's watch he wanted and put it in his bag.  After this followed Eeyore, who cannot sign, and Gideon. A half hour later 4 other characters came in the restaurant. Prince John, White Rabbit, the Fox and a monk (sort of). You could take so many cakes as you like, candies and fruit. At 10 minutes past 4 we had seen enough and go home.

We came outside just in time for the Parade, although we had seen this yesterday. Mauro likes it, but he had it very cold and want back to the hotel. In the evening we ate by McDonalds at Disney Village. Mauro want a happy meal. Back in the hotel, one hour later we went to swim. At half past eight back to the room, where Mauro see the last part of the Peter Pan film.


The third day

When we wake up, the sun was shinning, that makes it friendly. Quickly breakfast and on our way to the Studios Park. The little train, that ride round the lake, stopped just on the backside of the hotel. We going in the train to Disney Village. In spite of the sun, was it still colder and bleaker than the days before.

At the entrance of the park, we meet Pluto. He signed the booklet and we take a photo van Mauro with Pluto. Even further there was "Monster" and Mauro goes also with him on the photo.  


We took first Mickey by the caravan for Mauro. When Mauro was on turn and Mickey signed his booklet, Mickey picked up Mauro's cap and put it right on Mauro's head, but Mauro turned his cap at once again in the wrong direction on his head.


Up to the "Flying Carpets over Agrabah". Mauro on the wheel and we went high....!!! The next attraction was "Studio Tram Tour". In the open tram was it very cold, but what do you want different, if you would like to see something.  At 12.15 hour begun the "Stunt Show" with cars and motors. Here it was if possible still colder. But Mauro found it wonderful. After 45 minutes almost freezing (in spite of the caps and gloves), so in a hurry inside for something to eat. But every one thought so, it was very busy in the restaurant and no place to sit.

Mauro had it so cold in the meantime, that we would go home to the Netherlands. We had take a stamp, because perhaps he want back............

At McDonalds was it also very busy, but 15 minutes later we had a table to sit and eat. Back to the hotel for a cup of coffee and at 3 o'clock in the afternoon back to the Netherlands. At 8 o'clock in the evening we were at Mauro's home.


The Seventeenth Time

It was Sunday morning at 5 o'clock, when we drove away from Leerdam. We would see the new evening parade "Fantillusion". And since this is till august 31 and the date now is august 24, we had not much time for this to see. Because it is finished late in the evening, we stayed in a Formule 1 hotel in Esbly. It is 15 minutes away from the park. and we don't need to drive 5 hours to the Netherlands. We bought a 3 days pass.

In the park it was 30°, so glorious weather. We let the sweaters in the car, those can we hold later on, when we need them. In the meantime was it eleven o'clock and it was not too busy, certain for a Sunday. First of all we would see the "Tarzan Encounter" show. A nice show with Jane and Tarzan the man of the apes in the jungle. The fastpass for the Big Thunder Mountain was so busy, that we don't used them this time. On our way to the next show. "Mickey's Show Time" was given in Videopolis Discovery land. We were at time and we could sit at the front line. You see Mickey & Friends for a musical salute to romance, and friendship through classic Disney songs. Then we went to Walt Disney Studios Park to see the Cinema Parade and Animagique. It was now 5 o'clock in the evening so time to eat something. We choose Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost. We eat on the terrace outside. After this we took

some more attractions among other things the new decorated It's a small world. Time for a cup of coffee before we used the fastpass of Star Tours. When we came outside the time was half past eight p.m., we went to the direction of the castle for the Disney Fantillusion Parade. We are sitting at the ground and looked in the Mainstreet. A good place, because you can see them coming out of the Mainstreet, but we must wait two hours.


Mickey Mouse and Tinker Bell open the parade, revealing in their wake garden, populated fairies, butterflies, dragonflies, fireflies and other creatures of the world of the dreams. The parade stops first once. Tinker bell, accompanied by three other good fairies, created an incredible metamorphosis. The garden is changing in a fairy garden with crystalline light

The parade goes on moving, the music takes worrying minor accents make their appearance. Bat, spiders, resulting from nightmarish visions, come to celebrate darkness in discharges black light there. A powerful storm rises. Jafar, Ursula, Maléfice come out of the darkness, gone through the Mainstreet USA and showed their true nature.

It is then with the turn of the Disney Heroes to ravel. Ariel and Eric, Snow-White and her prince, Belle and the Beast, Aladdin and Jasmine make triumph the magic and the Disney light to celebrate with the love, happiness and the joy. The music goes up for a large final.

The parade was fantastic. It's a pity, that this parade is for a short time, but may be...., perhaps he comes back. After this we waited for Tinker Bell's Fantasy in the Sky Fireworks and then back to the hotel. In the next morning we go back to the Netherlands. It was a very nice weekend.